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We have received thousands of emails from across the country and around the world. Your comments and stories have moved us and reinforced why we started this project. Sharing your stories helps bring us together as we strive to make a change.

Read below for some of the experiences you’ve shared.

Janna’s Story

Hello! I just watched the documentary, “Period. End of Sentence.” on Netflix. Wow! I have so many emotions flowing through me after watching it. God bless the students that helped…

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Lexi’s Story

I live in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Less than 40 min away from me, there are neighborhoods full of people who can’t afford clothing, shoes, food, hygiene products, and other things like…

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Maddie’s Story

Hello! I just watched “Period. End of Sentence.” and found it extremely moving. As I watched the hope and determination take hold in each of the female characters, I realized…

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