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Tanya’s Story

By November 8, 2019January 3rd, 2020No Comments

Dear Pad Project,

My name is Tanya and I am currently a sophomore at Hillsdale High School located in San Mateo, California. I was around 13 years old when I realized that I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help someone and make a positive change in their lives. I have always had this big heart for others and I wanted to do something bigger than myself, but never knew what. Until I found “Period. End of Sentence”.

Around one year ago, I saw a film with my family called “Padman”. My initial reaction was, Could this film be what I thought it was? About menstruation? That’s exactly what it was, and I was moved by every second of it. Then, a few weeks ago, I saw your poster for your upcoming documentary on Priyanka Chopra’s instagram. A few minutes later I was watching “Period. End of Sentence.” on my laptop. I never knew that a 25 minute documentary could change me so much.

I am an Indian woman, born and raised in the United States. I grew up with a loving family who helped support me with anything I was doing. I am an extremely lucky person. Everything I have wanted has been given to me by my loved ones. It is extremely heartbreaking to me that a women does not have the products to support their own hygiene. They are forced to leave school as soon as they get their first period. No one did anything to stop them. Until you. These women who are half way across the world do not get to buy pads, say the word “period”, or receive a complete education is due to chance. They did not get to choose where they were born or to what family. They cannot go to the grocery store to pick up self care items. If a man can go to the store to buy toilet paper, why can’t a women go to buy pads?

I thank you, for creating this extraordinary film showing children, women, men, and everyone around the world that in a small village it is normal for “that time of the month” to occur. So normal, that it doesn’t have to delay a girls education or the right to have one. I thank you for setting up a small operation, in the film, to make low-cost pads, as well as provide women with jobs.

It is time to end ignorance on women’s menstruation. It is time to put our women first. To give them the education they need and deserve. All life originates from women. Our brothers, sisters, friends, and family come from one person: a women. Menstruation happens to all women, 50% of the world. It is time we start (which is what you are already doing) giving access to sanitary pads and independence.

I would love to get involved with the Pad Project, and give back. I want to make a difference. Even in high school, no one talks openly about periods, but this is one of the ways we can start to change that. I would love to fundraise or even start a club advocating for women’s health/hygiene in my school.