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Gwyneth’s Story

By November 8, 2019January 3rd, 2020No Comments

Thank you for all that you are doing to further the female education in the world. I have reached out because I want to thank you and tell you how you documentary helped me.

This March I volunteered with Project Mercy in Ethiopia. While I was I there witnessed the hardships girls go through to pursue an education. I Returned began to immerse myself in researching this issue on how female health affects the female education. I watched your documentary while I was conducting my research and in May when I gave a Tedx Youth talk mentioned Period. End of Sentence. and how it is an example that there is a way to solve problem of girls inaccessibility to period products.

Mainly, I want to thank you that you made a documentary to bring awareness to the issue and to the way that we can solve girls not pursuing their dreams due to a life sustaining process that should not hinder us. I also want to thank you for making this documentary so that girls like me could learn about this issue and use what we learned to further others awareness.