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Taneesha’s Story

By November 8, 2019January 3rd, 2020No Comments

hi, i’m taneesha and i study in class 12th, i live in lucknow, and i am frequent village visitor , i have talked to various women from various villages near luck now and their life is really hard ,i used to ask them what actually the problem was ..and they gave me a list of it and it also includes about the periods . they say that period is disease that cant be cured , they say there is nothing we can do both about it . when i told women of kua , a village near azamgarh about the usage about the pads ,they were stunned by the idea , but were surprised by the price . they said if they had an opportunity they would use it , i gave them my pack of pads , i had just one, they told me that they were amazed . so i really wanna help the women around me . i want to tell them about the same .i want them to realize that period is not a disease . 

thank you ,