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Period Poverty Ends with Us!


Sign The Pad Project's pledge to join us in embracing equity and end period poverty!

Art by Jayna Gandhi
  • The Pad Project’s 2023 Pledge to Embrace Equity

    Sign The Pad Project’s pledge to help end period poverty in your community!

    Join us in embracing equity in the menstrual equity movement. Sign our pledge below and unite with a global community of menstrual equity advocates aligned in addressing period poverty in their communities.

    Since the pandemic, the costs of necessity items, like period products, have risen starkly, and the added costs are only becoming a bigger burden for those experiencing period poverty. In 2023, the average cost of a month’s period products has jumped to more than $20 per month.

    Sign below to pledge your period and embrace equity! By pledging your period, you’ll help cover the monthly cost of a period. Donate $20 to help us end period poverty, or commit to donating your preferred period product to a local shelter! Sign now! .

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Once you’ve signed the pledge and donated, let us know why you’re embracing equity in 2023. Leave a public comment to share with our global community of advocates!


Róisín McGovern
Everyone who menstruates should have access to the products, support, and education they deserve. No matter who they are, or where they are. Let's remove the stigma associated with menstrual health and hygiene. Every month 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate - let's normalise it.
Anne laure Guéret
Access to dignity for a woman is a minimum especially in regards of something so "random" as periods. Knowing that women are judge, put aside because of this is just unbearable in 2023. We have to step up to bring awareness and equality.
Hafsa Kanchwala
Period Poverty is often overlooked and shoved under the rug in our own communities- quite frankly it happens everywhere. Young women should not have to suffer as a result of not having adequate access to hygiene products. Women's health and reproductive rights need to be prioritized and protected especially in a #me too world. Let's support wonderful organizations like the Pad Project that are taking equitable steps for women!
Garima Thakur
I have seen in past when I was a teenager that my mom always used to say to use cotton or clothes during my periods. It’s not about that we were very low income family but more about wasting money on things that won’t last. I really wanted to say that End Period Poverty is just not inaccessibility of Products like Sanitary Pads but also the inaccessibility of information. Please tag my insta if if you post my comments in your site to spread the awareness. My insta id is garimathakur_hautmondegirl
I had goosebumps and welled-up eyes while watching Period End of the sentence. To know how many women are still shy to talk about periods. In so many places it is not even a respected thing. "A lot is changed, a lot is yet to be changed."
Carol Illman
We take everything for granted. I had no idea that women in Northern India lost out on an education once they hit puberty and how embarrassed they were to talk about it and how men viewed women. Thank you to those women who are trying to make a change.
Carol Illman
We take everything for granted. I had no idea that women in Northern India lost out on an education once they hit puberty and how embarrassed they were to talk about it and how men viewed women. Thank you to those women who are trying to make a change.
I believe having access to period products will help everyone feel more secure about their periods and eventually themselves.
Janet Hawa Koroma
Periods are not luxury, they are our rights. We should not be taxed for our rights. Period.
Because even in elite institutions (like ivy league schools) I see fellow students clamoring for period products. Having to ask strangers for pads, having to run out of class just to get their hands on a pad- compromising their peace of mind AND their education to the extent where we don't even question how absurd it is that multimillion-dollar institutions cannot provide period products in washrooms. Menstrual equity for all. Everywhere. ALWAYS.
Period products are a necessity that everyone deserves access to.
Gabriella Garza
Periods are a taboo topic and shouldn't be. Period knowledge and products need to be accessible to all.
Every menstruator deserves someone who stands up for them. We can change the world - together.
We are who give birth to new life. We are who nourish and nurture. We are who voice what human rights we have. We are who educate. We are who make a difference!
Supporting women with their basic needs and resources and mostly, supporting their basic human rights !
Lack of access to affordable menstrual hygiene products negatively impacts the health and mental well-being of girls and women globally.
Christina B.
Menstrual equity is a human right!
Our periods shouldn't hold us back; they should empower us to move forward!
Sharon Ochsman
Bless our sisters, bless our bodies, and open the minds of the ignorant.
Paxton Tarmy
Equity and equality over the comfort of the oppressors!
Sandra Best
We are the givers of life and periods should not stop girls/women doing anything that a boy/man does!
A period is the reason we have life. We should be in awe of the amazing way our bodies function and celebrate!
The stigma around period is a reason why people who bleed can't openly talk about the physical struggles that accompany periods. It can really take a toll on their mental health as well when they can't about how much discomfort they go through while they bleed... And then there are disorders like pcod or endometriosis etc, that can really make their lives difficult. I think being able to talk about it will definitely help them be aware and get the help that they need.
Maria Lee
Periods are beautiful and the source of life. Why should women be ashamed of something our body does naturally? Who made us think it was something dirty? Not anymore. I will speak up, for the sake of my daughter and women around the world. We had enough!
Periods give us the power as a woman! It has never stopped us nor will it stop us, but it will make us stronger and braver, being able to get where we set out to go. Don´t feel ashamed, be proud of yourself
Rasika Vartak
If there was no periods, there would not have been you, me or anybody! No period is end of humans in the world!!
Seema Mishra
Period is an amazing chakra ! A full circle of life . Let's embrace it !
This org is doing an Amazing job, so admirable. I hope in the future every women could access to information and throw off the feeling of shame. Period doesn´t make you dirty or impure on the contrary it is an amazing cycle in our body. Do not hide, do not be ashamed. PERIOD REVOLUTION! Go girls!
Seetal Preet Kaur Cheema
Period Power!!!!!!! Go Women!
Viridiana Martinez
I am tired of hiding menstruation products from my father! I joke around with him to make him feel uncomfortable about getting me “period tubes” or tampons from the store. I hope my “jokes” will lead his uncomfortable state into a more knowledgeable one.
Period power!
Anyone can bleed no matter what gender they identify as, as long as they have the biological features of a uterus and can produce periods in the first place (not all people can based off of diet, menopause, and rare occurances). For all those out there who have periods but are trans or identify as something other than a woman you are still valid and still deserve to have your voice and struggles heard. Love you always, no matter what! -Mud (genderfluid born with a vagina that bleeds too, even if I dont feel like a woman sometimes. I will always have the expiriences of bleeding and the stigma and discrimination that comes along with it, but i know that my voice deserves to be heard too.) The stigma ends with US. ALL of us, so dont be afraid to scream and shout! Let your voice flow into others minds. Make the people hear you! ♥️❤️♥️❤️
Anyone can bleed no matter what gender they identify as, as long as they have the biological features of a uterus and can produce periods in the first place (not all people can based off of diet, menopause, and rare occurances). For all those out there who have periods but are trans or identify as something other than a woman you are still valid and still deserve to have your voice and struggles heard. Love you always, no matter what! -Mud (genderfluid born with a vagina that bleeds too, even if I dont feel like a woman sometimes. I will always have the expiriences of bleeding and the stigma and discrimination that comes along with it, but i know that my voice deserves to be heard too.) The stigma ends with US. ALL of us, so dont be afraid to scream and shout! Let your voice flow into others minds. Make the people hear you! ♥️❤️♥️❤️
If you dont bleed like we bleed dont tell us our blood is nasty because you'll never ever know.
I wish that women and girls were not held back by their periods. I hope that through projecys like this they can feel free, unashamed and be in awe of the wonders of the female body. I hope that men begin to reflect this too and show gratitude and respect for women's bodies. I have been fortunate enough to have support and readily available sanitary products all my life of which I am very grateful, however all women should have this as their right.
Destigmatize menstruation as a whole. It is natural and NONE of us would be here without it! I want and need to help with this in my area!?
For Will Women live their wanted life
Janine de Groot
Yes indeed, the period for women outside the western world is quite a problem. Especially in India women are very often bashful and during their period it is for women very difficult to find proper toilets or rooms for cleaning themselves . All this gives women and girls very much limitations to go outside there own houses. At the end it results in leaving school and education in general and therefore it is very important to create opportunities for women and girls especially so they can take care of themselves when needed and being able to continue and finishing their school and education and so being capable of taking chances in their future lives.
Herbert Kanyali
In my country, Uganda, many women, and children cannot afford to purchase menstrual napkins due to widespread poverty, especially in rural areas. Pupils drop out of school because of the shame and stigma associated with the menstrual cycle. I and my family through a registered C.B.O (Friends of Luuka), have dedicated personal resources and time to change this unfortunate situation through the provision of free sanitary napkins to upper primary class pupils and also the provision of materials to enable them to make reusable sanitary napkins.
Being a women, I can understand the pain of crores. Every month we bleed and we go through so much pain so that our husbands can become fathers and we can become mothers and we can have a family. Instead of helping women society shames us and looks down at us. We are seen as dirt, we are isolated, we are looked down as if we are creating a crime. We don't get pads without perfectly wrapping it up in a newspaper because what will society say? Omg, a men is carrying a pad? My simple, one word question to you is WHY? why is it looked down if a women/men is carrying a pad? Why are women stopped from visiting their beliefs when they are menstruating? Why are women the ones who always have to breathe in suffocation? Why? Why? Why?. The time has come to change our thoughts and to support people. As human beings we should be ashamed of ourselves for even thinking all of this. If you can marry a women, then supporting her through tough times is your duty. Its bloody natural, Let's stop period shaming, and lets become human beings one again. I pledge to stop period shaming and to stand up to anybody who goes through this bullshit. Lets become human beings once again and lets find humanity. Thank you - Kruthagnya
I will do everything within and beyond my powers to make my country a 100% sanitary pads using one. And will work with my full strength to break any kind of stigma or taboo around gender distinctions Period.
As a college school nurse, I am a strong advocate for destigmatizing periods and ending period shame!
As someone who was born male but identifies as female, I cannot claim to have personal experience with periods. That said, it's not just empathy or apathy, with no in between. Sympathy is possible without empathy. I'm done with the "yOu'Re NoT a GiRl So YoU dOn'T gEt It. YoU kNoW nOtHiNg" b.s. You can understand what something is like without experiencing it. And I'm here to say that my knowledge means something. It means I feel just as strongly about the end of period shame as everyone here. My words have power, and I intend to let it flow through all people. Period shame will cease, and ignorance will not prevail. Sorry, I'm good at speeches of empowerment and I talk too much so here we are lol. PERIOD SHAME WILL END IF I HAVE TO DIE TRYING.
It's about time for women and girls around the globe to unashamedly take heed of their bleeds!
I was so embarrassed when I got my period and didn't want my mom to tell my dad. Thankfully I have overcome that fear, shame, embarrassment and have not passed that on to my children. My children call it what it is and are not ashamed to talk about it in front of anyone! Period stigma ends here. Period.
It’s life and it’s real and people who don’t have to manage it can at least manage hearing about it so that people have access to what they need. Sheesh
Period. It isn’t an issue but indicates a woman’s strength to bear pain and still fly high.
You have the the power to stop period stigma... Don't period shame!
When I first got my period I knew so little about it, I was scared to tell my mom. I was ashamed. This was 4 years ago and I live in Western Europe. I don't want my future children to be ashamed of their own human body. The stigma has to stop. Now.
English: Menstruation shouldn't be stigmatized. It is as normal and natural as breathing. The stigma surrounding menstruation prevents many of the menstruators from getting their basic human rights to education, work, health, sanitation, and many more. Their needs and concerns need to be taken seriously. We also need to start talking about menstruation candidly in conversation, without shame, not only to fellow menstruators, but also the general public. Indonesian: Menstruasi tidak seharusnya distigmatisasi. Hal tersebut adalah sesuatu yang senormal dan sealamiah bernafas. Stigma seputar menstruasi mencegah banyak dari para menstruators mendapatkan hak dasar atas pendidikan, pekerjaan, kesehatan, sanitasi, dan masih banyak lagi. Kebutuhan dan kekhawatiran mereka perlu ditanggapi dengan serius. Kita harus mulai membicarakan menstruasi secara terang-terangan, tanpa rasa malu, tidak hanya kepada para menstruator lain, tetapi juga masyarakat umum. Oh, and Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day, everyone! <3
anjani nabar
Mabel Adu
No more period shaming No more use of of unhygienic sanitary products Menstrual equity is a right.
We as women should never be ashamed of speaking about what is normal.
Ayla Espinosa
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez
Florence Lansana
This is a Topic that is dear to my heart. It is time that we break the silence and the stigma associated with this topic, which affect women through a significant part of their lives We have allowed others "Men" to define us by our womanhood. We need to high light the beauty of the "Period". These is my Slogan " You are here because of my Period" " Without my period you will not be here"
Malou Franssen
"A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education."
Jessie Sabino
Thank you! Period was eye opening and I both laughed and cried. The women are brave and powerful beyond my wildest imagination, and every woman deserves to feel empowered.
Janet Hawa Koroma
No one should be stigmatized for something as normal as period
Samuel Chen
I am a ally to the menstrual community!
Ingrid Beyer
A menstruação é algo natural da mulher, todas as mulheres precisam de acesso a higiene íntima sem tabu. Eu me importo com a pobreza menstrual!
Bally Thiara
I care about period poverty:):):)
Katherine Martin
My mother grew up in a time when her mother did not even tell her about menstruation until she got her first period! My mother made sure that did not happen to her daughters, and I made sure that did not happen to my daughters.
Flomo G. Kalaplee
I am the Executive Director of Her Pride, an NGO focused on Menstrual Health Awareness and Management in Liberia. We remain committed to Promoting Healthier Periods
Monica Mikhail
The fact that this subject is still considered taboo frustrates me! I pledge to speak about menstruation freely; the stigma stops with me!
D. Makowski
The stigma stops with me - it's totally normal and healthy and nothing to be ashamed of!
I, voluntarily working in a reputed NGO of Ranga Reddy district, Telangana state, India. I am a team leader of MMH ( Menstrual Management and Health Hygiene ). I have been conducting sessions in government schools to educate and empower the girl child about MMH. We have to eradicate the period stigma to enrich the financial status, social equality and honour of a girl / women .
Gabriela Marie
The stigma stops with me because AFAB bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. It’s time to fight back against misogyny. Power to the period!
Nancy Iheduru
Menstruation is a biological phenomenon. I am proud to experience it. That makes me complete on my journey to becoming a mother someday. I'm proudly a champion of Menstruation without shame. I'm cool with it.
David O Keeffe
The menstrual cycle is the very reason why we all exist in the first place, every single myth,stigma and taboo needs to be exterminated
Ifeoma Odum
Period stigma stops with me because girls and women are made for more and can achieve any success in life. They should not be limited by period stigma. They should be able to bloom with confidence 🌸.
Marianne Zullas
When I first got my period, I was thought menstruating is a private thing and we must hide it. My whole life I lived with the fear of having "an accident". Today, I want to teach my daughters not to be embarrassed, but instead to menstruate with pride and to join me in a fight for period equity. Let's speak up and make period products accessible for everyone!
Alyssa Peterson
Emily Randall
Time to lessen stigma for all women and girls.
Miura Lima
I speak uo to say that period equity, means social equity. Period Products and Menstrual Education should be part of meanstream public policy
Catherine Chan
Period products are a necessity and should not be a financial/emotional burden on anyone. Menstruators should have reliable and easy access to period products when they need them!!
Madhavi Akella
As Malala Yousafzai once said "I raise up my voice - not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back." No human should be made inferior due to a biological process. Periods are natural and normal! #stigmaendswithme
Ananya Grover
Because menstrual equity is a human right!
Deborah Ascheim
After too many years, the stigma stops with me!
katie m.
happy international women’s day!
Sajal S.
No one should ever be made to feel like they need to hide their period. Periods are natural, beautiful, and powerful.
Jeremy Tepper
There is no more pragmatic and achievable way to achieve gender equity than tackling menstrual equity and reducing period stigma. I have learned so much from TPP and appreciate what they do both in the US and abroad. Happy International Women’s Day and thank you for all you do!
Nasiah Burns
I think this is for an amazing cause! I never really thought about how we have certain words for our periods out of embarrassment! It’s sad considering that all women have it and that we shouldn’t be uncomfortable.
Mason Maxam
Thank you to The Pad Project for all the incredible work you are doing! I pledge to encourage conversations about period stigmas and poverty.
Mary Beth Walsh
No one should have to feel embarrassed for having a period!
Ruby Shanker
I am a proud Pad Project Ambassador and the stigma around periods will end with us!!!
Ruby Shanker
I am a proud Pad Project Ambassador and the stigma around periods will end with us!!!
Alex Wexler
It's time we stop pretending like periods are gross/dirty/inappropriate. We have periods to thank for human life, so let's start respecting them, which includes talking about them (!)
Avery Siegel
The stigma stops with US!
Iona Saunders
I am a Pad Project Ambassador and I am passionate about ending the period stigma because it can be really damaging to menstruators's attitude towards their period and can affect their choice to seek help if they are struggling to access the products they need each month.
Alexis Handler
as my beautiful Granada always said “life’s too short to sweat the small stuff”… we are much more than our periods and deserve to live our lives without the stress of the stigma surrounding them!
Katie H
I pledge to stop the stigma! Women are strong and powerful, and menstruation is a part of who we are.
Amélie Levasseur
A celebration of our bodies that can create LIFE ! What an amazing thing it is. I pledge to speak up for the people who can't -- not yet. Go Pad Project.
This is a very important and crucial campaign, remember the menstrual cycle is the very reason why we all exist in the first place
We shouldn't be stigmatized for something that's natural, God's gift to our gender , painful 😣 and at the same time blissful. I love my gender and I embrace my womanhood.
let’s end the stigma 🙂 happy international women’s day <3
Frenetta Tate
We have to normalize the conversation around periods. We have to stop discriminating girls and women. We need to support this natural life process by providing resources, education and products.
I refuse to be embarrassed over periods and support ending period stigma globally!
Olajumoke Omolara
Am free from the stigma, be free too
Let the stigma of the red sea part!
Discriminatory behaviors towards women need to end, including stigmas and laws that shame and restrict our bodies and everything natural about it.
Siobhan Noade
I'm over being embarrassed. Half the population gets a period, so why do we treat it otherwise?
June Khoda
One should be able to do whatever one wants, period or not!
Eliana Folin
Stigmas around periods ends with me because I wish to see a culture and society in which menstruation is celebrated!
Querida Duncalfe
Mariana Nicotera de Souza
Period is as part as being human as it is to sweat, to pee. It is human. Period.
Olivia Hallinan-Gan
People who experience a period should not have to hide a natural part of their body.
Nicole Littlejohn
Reducing period stigma matters because it extends far beyond simply being a "woman's issue" at that time of the month. Stigma is a social and systemic issue that have direct limitations to a girls access to education, physical and mental wellbeing to name just a few. Reducing stigma not only allows women and girls the space to achieve socioeconomic mobility, it also allows them to reclaim agency
Anele Masuku
Girls and women all over the world have the right to express themselves freely without any judgements, therefore there is a need to end the stigma.. Period!!
Jodie Williams
Growing up playing sports my period always felt awkward and uncomfortable, it was rarely talked about and I’d suffer through in silence. As I got older I learnt how to better manage my symptoms and started speaking openly around my period. I also started advocating for those without access to basic sanitary items. Too many girls drop out of school due to their periods and this needs to end! No girl should have to suffer due to her period.
So women don't have to be ashamed of talking about their periods.
Usim Peace Omojo
Every girl child should be able to get a free pad so as not to sleep around because of how expensive our pad has become these days
Period is just the end of a sentence. Periods shouldn't stop women from getting educated. Every menstruator should have access to menstrual products and clean water. Stop the stigma!
With adequate information about about menstruation, we can demystify menstruation taboos. I will stop the stigma by continuous education and support for menstruators. #itsTimeForAction
Hannah Mitchell
So future generations don't have to be ashamed of periods.
Donations For Dignity
Menstruation should not keep anyone from sitting at the proverbial table. Donations For Dignity is creating partnerships to create systemic sustainable change so no seat is ever left empty! -diane
Nathalie Karlsson
Menstruation is a natural and normal bodily function and it sholdn't be tabu. It's just a regular body function that almost all women will experience. Having education and affordable sanitized menstrual protection should be a standard for all women.
women are power, our body is a reflection of that. We should never be diminished by something as natural as menstruation or our breasts. we will be free and powerful
Robin Mann
Periods are a natural process of the body and there should be absolutely no reason for any woman to be ashamed of them. Along with women, men need to be educated about periods.
Maayan Rotnes Cohen
Manuela Heinz
I am woman, I am fearless I am sexy, I'm divine - Emily Lomeli
Salvi Sachin Mahalunge
I also want this system. When firstly I got my periods is in my vacation of std 6th then I have to know about that, so I just get started to talk about periods in my class, so I am very shocked to know that why they are shy to talk about periods, it is our pride but I doesn't had stopped to talk openly and I am very glad to know that the other girls also want to stop this Uneccesary system , I am also with this project
En mi colegio muchas niñas se sienten avergonzadas sobre su menstruación y no quiero que eso nunca más suceda, quiero sentirme libre de hablar sobre la menstruación y las problemáticas que sufren día a día las personas que menstruan.
Periods are natural! I don’t want the little girls coming up in the world to feel like they should be ashamed of a natural body process! We need to speak openly about it so it become more accepted
i don't want little girls to believe that there's a natural part of them that they should be ashamed of and i hope that women being able to be confidently acknowledge their periods will help in ending this
I want women to feel empowered, to view menstruation as a superpower and to be proud to menstruate
Penny Johnson
Another step toward equality…
sky mosley
we could help people advertise and donate the pads all around the world. women are just as important to society and they need nothing but support. we could even help out physically and make sure they have what they need to feel comfotable.
Stop talking as if it’s an untouchable thing! Be grateful that we have the ability to give birth to your sons and daughters!
Benito Zaidman
I supported their cause. A guy from Peru.
go girls, you got this!! is normal
Women bleed to bring new life to the planet ♥️
Inês Silva
Go girls! You got this!!!
Inês Silva
Go girls. You got this!!!!
chipyeung ann
당신의 올바른 행동을 지지합니다. 언제나 당신들을 응원하겠습니다.
Embrace nature, embrace periods. in addition to period, period care, period hygiene.. we should also talk about safe disposal. Together we can make a difference!
Cole Daniel
Women are strong and powerful and deserve to feel comfortable with their own body.
we need to do this for the girls who feel ashamed. for the boys who don't know what a period is. we need to do this for the future. SPEAK UP! period.
Even myself in very advanced Europe are still hiding pads in my pocket, feeling like I should not let people know I am in period time... Nonsense! thanks for opening my eyes on this small but big detail, I'll remind male colleagues to use the word PERIOD.
Caroline Atherholt-Brown
Thank you!!
Shrija Halder
Women are the root of the society, we need to remove all the stigma from our society, educate son, so that girls can also educate themselves without any boundaries.
Silke Hofmann
Jade Day
it’s. a. normal. body. process #noshame
Ella Thompson
Aneesa Lindahl
The stigma stops with me because I think women should be able to not be embarrassed or shamed when they are in their period
Bleeding is part of life half of the world population. I want this stigma to stop! #ibleedtoo
Angelica (Angel)
The stigma stops with me because I have been there. I have been the one to feel the shame. I have hid period products and didn't want to mention it especially out loud due to what society conditions us for. I also have a young daughter that is growing up and I want to prove to her to do what is right. Stick up for herself and fellow menstruators. I want her to be proud of what her body goes through and provides for her. I want her to know that she is a powerful being with or without a period, but she is stronger with it. #ibleedtoo
Period, sex and life are the most natural things in the world. Without the fertility of women there would be no reproduction! Girls, you create miracles! Do not forget your strength and stand by your period, be proud that your body is fertile! #ibleedtoo
Period, sex and life are the most natural things in the world. Without the fertility of women there would be no reproduction! Girls, you create miracles! Do not forget your strength and stand by your period, be proud that your body is fertile! #ibleedtoo
Period, sex and life are the most natural things in the world. Without the fertility of women there would be no reproduction! Girls, you create miracles! Do not forget your strength and stand by your period, be proud that your body is fertile! #ibleedtoo
I pledge to dismantle all those period related stereotypes! I embrace this natural phenomenon and I’ll try to influence my near ones to do the same. Because #Itoobleed
Ayushi Priya
No one dilated their pupils when someone was carrying bandages but a girl with a pad was not only looked at but also looked down upon. I pledge to reflect on morals and actively dismantle stereotypes by acknowledging periods and being a part of this wonderful movement. The world always expected women to be good mothers, but was it even possible without periods? No. It is beautiful process that keeps the humankind going. I am a proud women, a proud feminist and I am proud to have my periods.
Bhavneet Singh Randev
No girl or woman deserves suffering due to lack of hygiene during their periods. It is a natural phenomenon. People should leave women alone and not shame them.
We deserve to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. We should not be ashamed and discriminated against over a natural biological process- everyone benefits from menstrual empowerment and education.
Growing up, periods were a lot more normalized than for other girls and that is why I want to break the stigma for women suffering amongst it. Periods are not dirty, they are a part of life.
Monique F
Women do not need to be ashamed or embarrassed about having a period. It is so normal, and beautiful. I pledge to do my best to combat this in my life & support my other gals to do the same.
Nancy Tella
Thank you for raising consciousness and helping women erase barriers and achieve their goals.
Periods are an event more than half the people on earth has to face. Not being able to talk about them freely is oppressive and erasure of many people’s experiences on earth. We need to be able to talk about it so we can demand health care, sustainable period products, and safe Conversations as well as accurate information.
Hilária Saugo Faria
Well, i'm from brazil: one of the most daugerous places for a woman, so imagine that is not easy for us when it comes to "period". I've embraced this debate for so many years and i feel more and more inspired and happy with growing feminists acts like this project. We NEED to talk freely about woman's needs and cycles! Let's change it!!
Arina Sandul
I always felt comfortable talking about my periods all my life, I realize it's a huge fortune I have. Periods are the beginning of all life, I want everyone to be proud of them. It's not an illness, it's a blessing.
Period's should be normal and talked on freely with no embarrassment involved because this is like any cycle in life and its normal for our bodies!
Abigail Jamison Clark
Period poverty has huge global effects because roughly half of the world's population are menstruators at some point in their lives. Lack of access to menstrual products can prevent people from being able to work. Menstruators in developing countries, as well as the US, can also be prevented from receiving an education due to period poverty. At the same time, we should recognize that periods can be debilitatingly painful, and we must destigmatize the necessity of paid menstrual leave.The tampon tax must be abolished and period products should be free. Menstrual shame and period stigma prevents some people from purchasing menstrual products. I pledge to do my part to end the period stigma.
I want my daughter to grow up viewing periods as normal as brushing her teeth! We can do this. Let’s keep talking.
Sara Oberle
Period poverty is a manifestation of gender-based discrimination. The perpetuation of this stigma is the result of a vicious cycle that is powered by silence in the conversation and inaccessibility to education. This cycle is broken only through a societal shift working to increase the salience of menstruation as a normal process. Education, well being, security, etc., cannot continue being endangered by an irrational stigma surrounding the period. This is why I strive to actively dismantle stereotypes by acknowledging periods in all capacities.
Aaron Schaeg
As a gay cis-male, I am pledging to help stop the negative stigma that is prevalent in the gay male community. Periods & menstruation are as natural as breathing air. Sad that there is so much stigma that teenage girls are forced to feel shame by a biological process. If you stand for women's rights then that includes all aspects of womanhood.
Jillian Krill
Embarrassed to think I was ever embarrassed to carry a tampon to the bathroom when I was on my period
Toni Buranen
As a woman, a mother of a daughter, and an educator in an all-girls school, it is important for me to stand up for women's rights and to end the stigma around menstruation.
Bree Bonner
Periods are a part of every woman's life. It is important that we fight to end period poverty, treating women with the care and respect they not only need but deserve.
Caitlin Reischauer
Periods are a natural process that should not limit a woman’s opportunities or be the cause for judgement.
Sumaeya Sultana
Period is biological and not a disease, which is how it’s treated.
Sandra Huditz
Every woman has their period and there’s nothing you can do against it except make it socially excepted. Woman are loved because they’re the mother of the world - why? Because of their period - start of being able to be a mother. Not everyone knows what it actually means to get their period, also seen in the documentary. Educate yourself and open up for menstruation.
Sandra Huditz
Every woman has their period and there’s nothing you can do against it except make it socially excepted. Woman are loved because they’re the mother of the world - why? Because of their period - start of being able to be a mother. Not everyone knows what it actually means to get their period, also seen in the documentary. Educate yourself and open up for menstruation.
My period my Pride!
women are invincible. PERIOD. #girlbosstingz
Periods are normal. It's part of a female life. Every women should feel free to talk about it without hesitation. We should raise awareness and take care of eachother. Keep up the great work!
No more hiding it! Thank you for your amazing work!
Amy Lundy
Keep up the great work! Periods are completely normal and we should be able to talk about it just like anything else. Stay strong and God bless us all!
Shikha Lall
It's simply a period. Just like breathing. It's that normal!!
Me gustaría comunicar mi interés porque se elaboren toallas sanitarias REUSABLES. Debemos pensar a futuro y no solo en el momento. Una acción por el bien de un ser no debe afectar a otros, es decir al medio ambiente. Hay que ser responsables de lo que elaboramos y los desechos que se generan.
You matter! Your story about menstruation matters. It is natural to menstruate. Taking care of you during menstruation is your right! It should not represent shame or an obstacle to just be you or to follow your dreams “just because” you’re menstruating. Talking freely about menstruation and raising awareness about it is empowering and supportive. You are not alone in this. You matter! ❤️
You matter! Your story about menstruation matters. It is natural to menstruate. Taking care of you during menstruation is your right! It should not represent shame or an obstacle to just be you or to follow your dreams “just because” you’re a woman who menstruates. Talking freely about menstruation and raising awareness about it is empowering and supports women worldwide. You are not alone in this. You matter! ❤️
Zyan Kildares
The strongest creatures created by god isn't the lion, the tiger or the elephant. It's the girl. ❤️
Basic Necessities
We have distributed period supplies to hundreds of people in the ArkLaTex. It's time to stop the stigma around periods here in The Bible Belt!
I simply say it is natural to menstruate. There should be no shame towards nature.
The strongest creatures created by god isn't the lion, the tiger or the elephant. It's the girl.
Jennifer Peters
There should be no shame about this normal process that allows us to become mothers if we choose. How beautiful is that!
We are bleeding,we are strong,we are powerful. Our period is not disgusting but their minds are pretty disgusting.
People need to be respected for having their period and continuing with their daily lives NOT stigmatised! End period poverty now.
Your -our- blood is sacred, it is the essence of life, it is time to embrace it and respect it, but most of all LOVE IT!
Michele Richards
Keep moving forward! End the stigma!
Period is not a taboo, is normal and natural God given blessing where women & girls are blessed to reproduce great and excellent citizens of every country.
End the stigma!
Nicole Free
It's time for the normalization of periods. I'm done feeling embarrassed and ashamed. It's time for our society to recognize the reality of periods; its time for affordable and accessible period products for all women.
Women are divine <3
Jennifer Zhou
End the stigma, nobody should be ashamed of our body
Periods are natural, no one should be shamed for it.
Katie Rochat
end the stigma so middle school girls don’t get shamed for their first period ❤️❤️
Olivia Libonati
We need to de-stigmatize a process that is natural for so many people!
Margaux Hackett
No shame, the stigma stops now!
Joanna Otocka
Change is gonna come!
The consequences for not raising awareness on such important issues are far more serious than we can imagine. The people living in poverty stricken or rural communities have no concept of period hygiene and that leads to life threatening situations in some cases
Tooba Khan
Period stigma gets in the way of menstrual awareness, lets end the stigma together!
Lucy Jimenez
The stigma stops now!
The stigma stops here! Normalize periods and everything around it, period!
Martha Martinez
The stigma stops with me! And all of us!
Vicki R
Periods are a part of life and not something to be ashamed of!
Mickey Kennedy
Stop the stigma!
Annabel Franklin
Stop the stigma!
Sarah Stuecheli
power to the period!
Stop the stigma!!
Ally Riley
Stop the stigma!
Caroline P
Let's normalise Periods!
Margot Healy
stop the stigma!
Keziah S
Power to the period!
Alexa Shulman
Stop the stigma!!
Reese Sutter
together we can stop the stigma !
oceania eshraghi
stop the stigma!
oceania eshraghi
stop the stigma!
Caroline Douglas
stop the stigma!
Rekha Marar
let’s stop the stigma!
Chloe Kasdin
stop the stigma !!!
Julia Shelanski
Power to the period!!
Isabella Mazzeo
no shame
Emma sweeney
Same thing goes for urinary incontinence protection! No shame.
girls should always feel confident and comfortable especially in our own bodies !!!
girls should always feel confident and comfortable especially in our own bodies !!!
Hanna tulchinsky
stop the stigma!
Max Seigerman
because it’s natural!
Kiersten Thomas
Izzy Huang
People need to be better educated on this essential part of women’s health!
Maura Kelly
Let’s stop the stigma!!
Tatyana Lazareva
Elizabeth Awimo
We should stop the stigma and fight it to create safe space for all women...when we talk about our menses with men and Community that's the right step of breaking the stigma!
It is a natural process and period pain is a real thing too and should be recognised and understood by employers. We should not have to make excuses for ourselves "it's just my time of the month"
I pledge to be supportive of my daughters and educate my son and all their male friends about all things periods so that everyone can stand up and become an advocate.
It is a natural process and period pain is a real thing and difficult to deal with and can make daily life hard for some people that needs to be understood by employers and people shouldn't feel the need to make up an excuse when suffering.
Claudia Stetz
Advocate flannel homemade pads to lower the cost and decrease waste.
I pledge to talk openly about it around men/teenage boys because a lot of times they are not taught anything about it and it will help if it is talked about openly so they don't get embarrassed if the subject comes up.
Alex Wexler
Anja Cucinotta
No periods. No humans.
Teodora Pagalidi
Samantha Delman
I want to break the stigma by encouraging the expansion of sex education to include more issues related to women's health!
Zulayqha Zulkifli
Everyone deserves equal opportunity and should not be limited by our biological differences. I’m breaking this stigma by helping others as I “bleed”.
It is so unfair for anyone to be put down about a completely natural bodily function. I am committed to calling it out among my male counterparts and ending the taboo.
Poppy (@planet.poppy)
I am breaking the stigma by doing my Master's dissertation on periods and talking about them on my social media! The stigma exacerbates period poverty, prevents all genders from receiving good quality sex education and encourages misinformation and shame around female bodies. Ending the stigma benefits everyone!
Reena Somani
Why is everyone so terrified of a little blood? It’s 100% more stressful to have to worry about period stigma while worrying about your period itself
Maïthée Lévesque
La femme est l’égal de l’homme et grâce aux règles, il vient au monde.
Because the patriarchy needs to be toppled.
Gini ilieva
We should not be ashamed of talking about it. Also, menstrual products should be free!!!
Maru F
We all have our warrior days! Why is it that it doesn't bother you in horror / war films but when it comes out of a woman?
No more stigma!!!
Damir Bajramovic
Free period stigma! It is natural. Get over it. Long live the fertility dance ritual from Borat 2 Subsequent Moviefilm!
Halle Rebecca Hughes
I’m 14 and only recently started my period, I don’t want to be uncomfortable with the idea of It
I don't think we should all start flaunting pads and tampons in our hands on the way to the bathroom, but period is an absolutely normal thing! We should be able to talk about it and not be called "inappropriate" or hear "ewww", every time we say we are in pain from cramps , it's ridiculous and needs to stop.
Aglaya Cherneva
It doesn't stop me at any way but I know that some people are afraid/ashamed to talk about it.
Period is something normal - we should all accept it and treat it with respect and understanding. I remember when I had my period for a first time I was so ashamed so I ended up hiding it for a year from my friends. Even in school, I barely had an education on period- only one class! Also, this one class was exclusive only for girls, which is wrong. It is time to say stop to the period stigma which unfortunately still exists in 21century.
As a man I want to say to all girls and grown up women that there is nothing bad about periods it's a normal body function and you should not feel bad or ashamed about it. If your boyfriend or anybody is trying to shame you or make fun about it to the point where it gets annoying speak up.
Period isn’t gross or disgusting It’s
Victoria Iltchev
The stigma stops with me because I’m tired of hiding pads in my pockets when I’m on my period at school and I’m tired of boys blaming my annoyance with them on my period.
Rosemary Choma
As a disabled person, being in menstrual periods as heavy as it is still, and with such pain associated with menstrual period in addition to having to wear the long braces it has always cause me pain but felt embarrassed to share this experience. I felt that it is a thing I should keep a secret as how our culture restricts. This caused me a lot of pain and created chances for other related diseases. Girls and fellow woman let's help one other to communicate freely our menstrual period experiences so that we can serve the woman communities by being at least get helped in some ways. I used to always fall sick every two weeks prior, a heavy one week bleeding and the final one week of mouth sours and other body pain. Working was by force not able. It's a horrible situation.
Samantha Alcaro
I am sick of missing classes and important meetings bc i am too embarrassed abt my period
Women on Top
Women's Wrath!
I want to feel comfortable with my red spot behind
Sonya Koleva
Every girl needs ti know that there is nothing to be ashamed of
Miura Lima
Period deserve freedom. It has been hidden and ashamed for too long. It's time to feel fully empowered. Period equity means health equity!
ara lynn
we shouldn’t have to keep this a secret, everyone knows it happens!
We should feel empowered by our periods, not shamed because of them.
We have to educate women and men about our cyclical nature❤️
Michelle Whang
Periods are natural and beautiful!
Sara Lev
Break the cycle & end stigma on women’s bodies and the normal processes that go on!
Tabitha Yamaguchi-Burtrum (@period_prophetess)
The stigma stops with me, because I promise to no longer feel ashamed about periods. I'll continue to create period positive illustrations to empower menstruators and informing everyone.
Emma K
Periods are normal and natural and messy and beautiful. Why should there be any shame in that?
Marina W
Because stigmas cause shame, don’t help anyone and can have dangerous consequences. Everyone would benefit from more open and loving conversations surrounding periods and menstruation 🩸 that way we can make the world a better, more compassionate and inclusive place. Menstruation is a powerful and beautiful part of life and should be respected, supported and celebrated. Everyone should feel free and relaxed to talk about the world of periods, in a way that has not existed and still does not in so many communities and parts of the world. End the stigma!!
Period Poverty and Shame should end with us and I am so proud of all of us who are advocating for it's end May we get to the place where our period experience is DIGNIFIED and BOLD!
Artti sareen
We should talk about our periods as a normal thing and we should not be ashamed of talking about this. This is a natural phenomenon.
Doreen kimuhu
It's the high time we end period poverty and the stigma that comes with it.... Women and girls should be able to menstruate🩸with dignity be it at school, at work...etc and should not be perceived as a way of sciving,when we request for a day off,,,some of us can't just function..the pain is unbearable sometimes...😩
Elzy Moroto
Girls and women have a right to experience their menstruation with dignity and free from shame as a result of the stigma attached to menstruation.
It's time to end period poverty and the stigma around having your period. I don't want my daughter to feel embarrassed by something that is, although not much fun, totally natural .
Lauren Salzman
The only way we can normalize talking about our periods for future generations is to... talk about our periods!
Janet Mbugua
I’ve been speaking up to end Period Poverty over the last 7 years. Starts with us speaking out, ends with us so that the next generation of women and girls have Menstrual Equity 🩸🙌🏾
Hannah Chaouli
Access to period education and supplies is not a luxury but a necessity. Being part of the Pad Project has taught me that by the most extreme examples and I am so glad to have joined the fight.
I was really moved by the documentary. Even though I am privileged, my life has been greatly shaped by my excessive bleeding. from age 14 to age 49, I have had over 4,000 days of bleeding. I have bled for 8 days every 15-20 days. It's been a horrible journey, and I am lucky to have pads, tampons, and ibuprofen, and was able to attend school and university. I had to use cloth rags once while traveling, and I was unable to do anything for 3 days and I bled through the bedding. had I been born somewhere else, I would have had to drop out of school at 14. The fact that periods are keeping girls and women out of school, breaks my heart. I want to help, and this is my first tiny step. Thank you.
Feminine Blood mysteries. We’re cyclical beings, as the seasons so are we.
“Anything you can do I can do bleeding!”
Mikayla Bowen
Because period hygiene is basic human hygiene and should be accessible and normalized. Together we can do this!
Lily Campbell
Those who have periods shouldn’t feel embarrassment or shame for something that is natural/a bodily function. We have enough crazy shit to deal with in our daily lives & periods shouldn’t be an added burden because of the stigma that surrounds them.
Ina Rosario
so important to normalize speaking about this!
Sanjana Satish
So important to speak up about this right now!
Victoria Mak
Women supporting women!
Hindo Kposowa
We will end period stigma collectively. TEAM WORK!!
Sarah Seaver
I will speak up!
Jackson Prince
It all starts with a conversation!
Excited to take the pledge!
Allison Munder
It's important to talk about periods because so many women are shamed for having them or not having them. The lack of education on periods is affecting people who have periods. So many people across the globe are in need of menstrual hygiene products and it's important to talk about it.
Pencils of Promise
We are so happy to partner with The Pad Project to break stigmas and make menstrual health more accessible and sustainable around the world!
Sara Sørensen
Happy to be part of this
Brynta Ponn
Girls around the world lack access to hygienic products and because of this are missing out on a proper education because of their periods. We shouldn’t have to hide or be deprived of rights because of something that is so natural!
Rachael Frempomaa
Because I believe periods are natural and shouldn’t be treated as taboos
Dorothea Mulcahy
Proud to be part of this team!
Callie Smith
Because if we don’t fight to end it, no one else will!
Jenny Knox
God made us to give life. Be proud.
The stigma stops with me because there should never have been one in the first place!
Victoria S
We should never be ashamed of our boidies!
Olivia Hallinan-Gan
Let's end this taboo!
Gursimran Sharma
Love this revolution... and I do feel free to talk about periods.
Caden page
Bodies are beautiful!
Andrea Malagon
Periods and depression are two things I shouldn't be ashamed about. My health matters to me so I should so I should not only take care of myself but also open up.
Vrinda Pahwa
Every girl has to face periods. Nobody has the right to stop a girl going to bathroom. DONT ATTACH STIGMA. Happy women's day!
Mahima Chaudhary
Let's stop cycle stigma. PERIOD
Melissa Berton
Periods signal STRENGTH, not shame! I am proud to Stop the Stigma with The Pad Project and menstrual justice advocates around the world!
Period to period stereotypes!
Carly Gatto
Ruby Schiff
Destigmatizing periods opens up opportunities for women and girls worldwide to meet their highest potential!
Regina Perdomo
End. Period. Stigma.
Dana Marlowe
It takes a large scale collective effort to enact social change, and we couldn’t be prouder to stand along side The Pad Project and countless others to break menstrual taboos and raise social consciousness about period poverty.
Alex Fletcher
The only messaging I want to see around periods is that of solidarity! Forget shame!
Stop the stigma before it stops us. Periodt.
No more period shame!
Avery Siegel
The stigma STOPS with me!
Michelle pesce
I hear you and I pledge to do better. Thank you The Pad Project!
We love partnering with the Pad Project to #endperiodstigma - it's so important to have open conversations around periods, menstruation issues, and menopause! Thanks for your advocacy! - I Support the Girls
Celebrating IWD with The Pad Project! #endperiodstigma
Many of the points on this list I am both confident and privileged enough to do already, but I'm very aware that many women around the world do not feel safe to do so - I stand with those women.
The stigma stops with me!!!!!
Proud of our amazing team for putting this together!
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