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The Stigma Stops with Me!

Sign The Pad Project’s pledge to destigmatize menstruation and normalize talking about periods openly!

Speak Up Art by Kelly Malka
Art by Kelly Malka
  • The Stigma Stops with Me!

    Sign The Pad Project’s pledge to destigmatize menstruation and normalize talking about periods openly!

    Join The Pad Project in dismantling period stigma. Sign our pledge below and unite with a global community of menstrual equity advocates to break free of oppressive taboos.

    Periods can be messy and disruptive. We shove tampons up our sleeves, so no one questions our walk to the bathroom. We use an entirely separate vocabulary for period code words. We have been conditioned to think of a natural, biological process as embarrassing.

    We have been shamed into silence. It’s time to SPEAK UP and bring power back to periods. The stigma stops with us. The stigma stops with YOU.

Pledges signed: 375

Speak Up!

Once you sign the pledge, feel free to share a public comment with our community. Tell us why the stigma stops with you!

Me gustaría comunicar mi interés porque se elaboren toallas sanitarias REUSABLES. Debemos pensar a futuro y no solo en el momento. Una acción por el bien de un ser no debe afectar a otros, es decir al medio ambiente. Hay que ser responsables de lo que elaboramos y los desechos que se generan.
You matter! Your story about menstruation matters. It is natural to menstruate. Taking care of you during menstruation is your right! It should not represent shame or an obstacle to just be you or to follow your dreams “just because” you’re menstruating. Talking freely about menstruation and raising awareness about it is empowering and supportive. You are not alone in this. You matter! ❤️
You matter! Your story about menstruation matters. It is natural to menstruate. Taking care of you during menstruation is your right! It should not represent shame or an obstacle to just be you or to follow your dreams “just because” you’re a woman who menstruates. Talking freely about menstruation and raising awareness about it is empowering and supports women worldwide. You are not alone in this. You matter! ❤️
Zyan Kildares
The strongest creatures created by god isn't the lion, the tiger or the elephant. It's the girl. ❤️
Basic Necessities
We have distributed period supplies to hundreds of people in the ArkLaTex. It's time to stop the stigma around periods here in The Bible Belt!
I simply say it is natural to menstruate. There should be no shame towards nature.
The strongest creatures created by god isn't the lion, the tiger or the elephant. It's the girl.
Jennifer Peters
There should be no shame about this normal process that allows us to become mothers if we choose. How beautiful is that!
We are bleeding,we are strong,we are powerful. Our period is not disgusting but their minds are pretty disgusting.
People need to be respected for having their period and continuing with their daily lives NOT stigmatised! End period poverty now.
Your -our- blood is sacred, it is the essence of life, it is time to embrace it and respect it, but most of all LOVE IT!
Michele Richards
Keep moving forward! End the stigma!
Period is not a taboo, is normal and natural God given blessing where women & girls are blessed to reproduce great and excellent citizens of every country.
End the stigma!
Nicole Free
It's time for the normalization of periods. I'm done feeling embarrassed and ashamed. It's time for our society to recognize the reality of periods; its time for affordable and accessible period products for all women.
Women are divine <3
Jennifer Zhou
End the stigma, nobody should be ashamed of our body
Periods are natural, no one should be shamed for it.
Katie Rochat
end the stigma so middle school girls don’t get shamed for their first period ❤️❤️
Olivia Libonati
We need to de-stigmatize a process that is natural for so many people!
Margaux Hackett
No shame, the stigma stops now!
Joanna Otocka
Change is gonna come!
The consequences for not raising awareness on such important issues are far more serious than we can imagine. The people living in poverty stricken or rural communities have no concept of period hygiene and that leads to life threatening situations in some cases
Tooba Khan
Period stigma gets in the way of menstrual awareness, lets end the stigma together!
Lucy Jimenez
The stigma stops now!
The stigma stops here! Normalize periods and everything around it, period!
Martha Martinez
The stigma stops with me! And all of us!
Vicki R
Periods are a part of life and not something to be ashamed of!
Mickey Kennedy
Stop the stigma!
Annabel Franklin
Stop the stigma!
Sarah Stuecheli
power to the period!
Stop the stigma!!
Ally Riley
Stop the stigma!
Caroline P
Let's normalise Periods!
Margot Healy
stop the stigma!
Keziah S
Power to the period!
Alexa Shulman
Stop the stigma!!
Reese Sutter
together we can stop the stigma !
oceania eshraghi
stop the stigma!
oceania eshraghi
stop the stigma!
Caroline Douglas
stop the stigma!
Rekha Marar
let’s stop the stigma!
Chloe Kasdin
stop the stigma !!!
Julia Shelanski
Power to the period!!
Isabella Mazzeo
no shame
Emma sweeney
Same thing goes for urinary incontinence protection! No shame.
girls should always feel confident and comfortable especially in our own bodies !!!
girls should always feel confident and comfortable especially in our own bodies !!!
Hanna tulchinsky
stop the stigma!
Max Seigerman
because it’s natural!
Kiersten Thomas
Izzy Huang
People need to be better educated on this essential part of women’s health!
Maura Kelly
Let’s stop the stigma!!
Tatyana Lazareva
Elizabeth Awimo
We should stop the stigma and fight it to create safe space for all women...when we talk about our menses with men and Community that's the right step of breaking the stigma!
It is a natural process and period pain is a real thing too and should be recognised and understood by employers. We should not have to make excuses for ourselves "it's just my time of the month"
I pledge to be supportive of my daughters and educate my son and all their male friends about all things periods so that everyone can stand up and become an advocate.
It is a natural process and period pain is a real thing and difficult to deal with and can make daily life hard for some people that needs to be understood by employers and people shouldn't feel the need to make up an excuse when suffering.
Claudia Stetz
Advocate flannel homemade pads to lower the cost and decrease waste.
I pledge to talk openly about it around men/teenage boys because a lot of times they are not taught anything about it and it will help if it is talked about openly so they don't get embarrassed if the subject comes up.
Alex Wexler
Anja Cucinotta
No periods. No humans.
Teodora Pagalidi
Samantha Delman
I want to break the stigma by encouraging the expansion of sex education to include more issues related to women's health!
Zulayqha Zulkifli
Everyone deserves equal opportunity and should not be limited by our biological differences. I’m breaking this stigma by helping others as I “bleed”.
It is so unfair for anyone to be put down about a completely natural bodily function. I am committed to calling it out among my male counterparts and ending the taboo.
Poppy (@planet.poppy)
I am breaking the stigma by doing my Master's dissertation on periods and talking about them on my social media! The stigma exacerbates period poverty, prevents all genders from receiving good quality sex education and encourages misinformation and shame around female bodies. Ending the stigma benefits everyone!
Reena Somani
Why is everyone so terrified of a little blood? It’s 100% more stressful to have to worry about period stigma while worrying about your period itself
Maïthée Lévesque
La femme est l’égal de l’homme et grâce aux règles, il vient au monde.
Because the patriarchy needs to be toppled.
Gini ilieva
We should not be ashamed of talking about it. Also, menstrual products should be free!!!
Maru F
We all have our warrior days! Why is it that it doesn't bother you in horror / war films but when it comes out of a woman?
No more stigma!!!
Damir Bajramovic
Free period stigma! It is natural. Get over it. Long live the fertility dance ritual from Borat 2 Subsequent Moviefilm!
Halle Rebecca Hughes
I’m 14 and only recently started my period, I don’t want to be uncomfortable with the idea of It
I don't think we should all start flaunting pads and tampons in our hands on the way to the bathroom, but period is an absolutely normal thing! We should be able to talk about it and not be called "inappropriate" or hear "ewww", every time we say we are in pain from cramps , it's ridiculous and needs to stop.
Aglaya Cherneva
It doesn't stop me at any way but I know that some people are afraid/ashamed to talk about it.
Period is something normal - we should all accept it and treat it with respect and understanding. I remember when I had my period for a first time I was so ashamed so I ended up hiding it for a year from my friends. Even in school, I barely had an education on period- only one class! Also, this one class was exclusive only for girls, which is wrong. It is time to say stop to the period stigma which unfortunately still exists in 21century.
As a man I want to say to all girls and grown up women that there is nothing bad about periods it's a normal body function and you should not feel bad or ashamed about it. If your boyfriend or anybody is trying to shame you or make fun about it to the point where it gets annoying speak up.
Period isn’t gross or disgusting It’s
Victoria Iltchev
The stigma stops with me because I’m tired of hiding pads in my pockets when I’m on my period at school and I’m tired of boys blaming my annoyance with them on my period.
Rosemary Choma
As a disabled person, being in menstrual periods as heavy as it is still, and with such pain associated with menstrual period in addition to having to wear the long braces it has always cause me pain but felt embarrassed to share this experience. I felt that it is a thing I should keep a secret as how our culture restricts. This caused me a lot of pain and created chances for other related diseases. Girls and fellow woman let's help one other to communicate freely our menstrual period experiences so that we can serve the woman communities by being at least get helped in some ways. I used to always fall sick every two weeks prior, a heavy one week bleeding and the final one week of mouth sours and other body pain. Working was by force not able. It's a horrible situation.
Samantha Alcaro
I am sick of missing classes and important meetings bc i am too embarrassed abt my period
Women on Top
Women's Wrath!
I want to feel comfortable with my red spot behind
Sonya Koleva
Every girl needs ti know that there is nothing to be ashamed of
Miura Lima
Period deserve freedom. It has been hidden and ashamed for too long. It's time to feel fully empowered. Period equity means health equity!
ara lynn
we shouldn’t have to keep this a secret, everyone knows it happens!
We should feel empowered by our periods, not shamed because of them.
We have to educate women and men about our cyclical nature❤️
Michelle Whang
Periods are natural and beautiful!
Sara Lev
Break the cycle & end stigma on women’s bodies and the normal processes that go on!
Tabitha Yamaguchi-Burtrum (@period_prophetess)
The stigma stops with me, because I promise to no longer feel ashamed about periods. I'll continue to create period positive illustrations to empower menstruators and informing everyone.
Emma K
Periods are normal and natural and messy and beautiful. Why should there be any shame in that?
Marina W
Because stigmas cause shame, don’t help anyone and can have dangerous consequences. Everyone would benefit from more open and loving conversations surrounding periods and menstruation 🩸 that way we can make the world a better, more compassionate and inclusive place. Menstruation is a powerful and beautiful part of life and should be respected, supported and celebrated. Everyone should feel free and relaxed to talk about the world of periods, in a way that has not existed and still does not in so many communities and parts of the world. End the stigma!!
Period Poverty and Shame should end with us and I am so proud of all of us who are advocating for it's end May we get to the place where our period experience is DIGNIFIED and BOLD!
Artti sareen
We should talk about our periods as a normal thing and we should not be ashamed of talking about this. This is a natural phenomenon.
Doreen kimuhu
It's the high time we end period poverty and the stigma that comes with it.... Women and girls should be able to menstruate🩸with dignity be it at school, at work...etc and should not be perceived as a way of sciving,when we request for a day off,,,some of us can't just function..the pain is unbearable sometimes...😩
Elzy Moroto
Girls and women have a right to experience their menstruation with dignity and free from shame as a result of the stigma attached to menstruation.
It's time to end period poverty and the stigma around having your period. I don't want my daughter to feel embarrassed by something that is, although not much fun, totally natural .
Lauren Salzman
The only way we can normalize talking about our periods for future generations is to... talk about our periods!
Janet Mbugua
I’ve been speaking up to end Period Poverty over the last 7 years. Starts with us speaking out, ends with us so that the next generation of women and girls have Menstrual Equity 🩸🙌🏾
Hannah Chaouli
Access to period education and supplies is not a luxury but a necessity. Being part of the Pad Project has taught me that by the most extreme examples and I am so glad to have joined the fight.
I was really moved by the documentary. Even though I am privileged, my life has been greatly shaped by my excessive bleeding. from age 14 to age 49, I have had over 4,000 days of bleeding. I have bled for 8 days every 15-20 days. It's been a horrible journey, and I am lucky to have pads, tampons, and ibuprofen, and was able to attend school and university. I had to use cloth rags once while traveling, and I was unable to do anything for 3 days and I bled through the bedding. had I been born somewhere else, I would have had to drop out of school at 14. The fact that periods are keeping girls and women out of school, breaks my heart. I want to help, and this is my first tiny step. Thank you.
Feminine Blood mysteries. We’re cyclical beings, as the seasons so are we.
“Anything you can do I can do bleeding!”
Mikayla Bowen
Because period hygiene is basic human hygiene and should be accessible and normalized. Together we can do this!
Lily Campbell
Those who have periods shouldn’t feel embarrassment or shame for something that is natural/a bodily function. We have enough crazy shit to deal with in our daily lives & periods shouldn’t be an added burden because of the stigma that surrounds them.
Ina Rosario
so important to normalize speaking about this!
Sanjana Satish
So important to speak up about this right now!
Victoria Mak
Women supporting women!
Hindo Kposowa
We will end period stigma collectively. TEAM WORK!!
Sarah Seaver
I will speak up!
Jackson Prince
It all starts with a conversation!
Excited to take the pledge!
Allison Munder
It's important to talk about periods because so many women are shamed for having them or not having them. The lack of education on periods is affecting people who have periods. So many people across the globe are in need of menstrual hygiene products and it's important to talk about it.
Pencils of Promise
We are so happy to partner with The Pad Project to break stigmas and make menstrual health more accessible and sustainable around the world!
Sara Sørensen
Happy to be part of this
Brynta Ponn
Girls around the world lack access to hygienic products and because of this are missing out on a proper education because of their periods. We shouldn’t have to hide or be deprived of rights because of something that is so natural!
Rachael Frempomaa
Because I believe periods are natural and shouldn’t be treated as taboos
Dorothea Mulcahy
Proud to be part of this team!
Callie Smith
Because if we don’t fight to end it, no one else will!
Jenny Knox
God made us to give life. Be proud.
The stigma stops with me because there should never have been one in the first place!
Victoria S
We should never be ashamed of our boidies!
Olivia Hallinan-Gan
Let's end this taboo!
Gursimran Sharma
Love this revolution... and I do feel free to talk about periods.
Caden page
Bodies are beautiful!
Andrea Malagon
Periods and depression are two things I shouldn't be ashamed about. My health matters to me so I should so I should not only take care of myself but also open up.
Vrinda Pahwa
Every girl has to face periods. Nobody has the right to stop a girl going to bathroom. DONT ATTACH STIGMA. Happy women's day!
Mahima Chaudhary
Let's stop cycle stigma. PERIOD
Melissa Berton
Periods signal STRENGTH, not shame! I am proud to Stop the Stigma with The Pad Project and menstrual justice advocates around the world!
Period to period stereotypes!
Carly Gatto
Ruby Schiff
Destigmatizing periods opens up opportunities for women and girls worldwide to meet their highest potential!
Regina Perdomo
End. Period. Stigma.
Dana Marlowe
It takes a large scale collective effort to enact social change, and we couldn’t be prouder to stand along side The Pad Project and countless others to break menstrual taboos and raise social consciousness about period poverty.
Alex Fletcher
The only messaging I want to see around periods is that of solidarity! Forget shame!
Stop the stigma before it stops us. Periodt.
No more period shame!
Avery Siegel
The stigma STOPS with me!
Michelle pesce
I hear you and I pledge to do better. Thank you The Pad Project!
We love partnering with the Pad Project to #endperiodstigma - it's so important to have open conversations around periods, menstruation issues, and menopause! Thanks for your advocacy! - I Support the Girls
Celebrating IWD with The Pad Project! #endperiodstigma
Many of the points on this list I am both confident and privileged enough to do already, but I'm very aware that many women around the world do not feel safe to do so - I stand with those women.
The stigma stops with me!!!!!
Proud of our amazing team for putting this together!
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