Period End Sentence Cover
Art by Hanna Barczyk

Period. End of Sentence.:
A New Chapter in the
Fight for Menstrual Justice

Period. End of Sentence. examines menstruation and the experiences of menstruators around the world. Written by New York Times bestselling author Anita Diamant, with a foreword by The Pad Project’s Executive Director Melissa Berton, Period. End of Sentence. explores the deep rooted nature of menstrual stigma, the widespread effects of period poverty, the changing attitudes towards menstruation, and the ongoing fight for menstrual equity. Find the book at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Book Shop, and Indie Bound.

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“Sometimes the uncharted path leads to the largest clearing, and every student is a teacher.”

- Melissa Berton

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“Wishing for a red tent is tantamount to questioning all the rules and expectations that make menstruation a dirty secret.”

- Anita Diamant

Advanced Praise for Period. End of Sentence.

“The perfect ‘go-to’ resource for emerging activists across the globe.” —Judy Norsigian Co-founder, Our Bodies Ourselves and co-author of Our Bodies Ourselves

“Menstruation, overlooked by most cultures, is starting to be recognized for what it is – an issue of human rights. Period. End of Sentence. illuminates the history and impact of this essential, normal biological function, hiding right in our midst. It opens a doorway to menstruation for the mainstream world in ways that few others have.”—Nancy Muller, Senior Global Health Expert

Period. End of Sentence. shines the spotlight on menstrual injustice and how it limits opportunities, damages self-esteem, and even threatens the lives of girls and women all over the world. Inch by inch we can lessen the gender gap and this book provides a leap in the right direction.” – Danai Gurira, Actor, Playwright, Founder of Love Our Girls

“Breaking down the stigma and taboos attached to menstruation, while pushing for the right policies to be implemented, needs to become a daily conversation. If not, it’s a disservice to future generations. Hats off to Anita Diamant for taking the period conversations a step further and to The Pad Project for their incredible work in bridging the Menstrual Equality gap! Period. End of Sentence. is a must read”—Janet Mbugua, Founder Inua Dada Foundation Author, Media Personality 

“This vital book busts myths, disrupts misinformation and inspires with its narratives of resourcefulness and resistance in the face of menstrual stigma and shaming.  Armed with the shocking facts and figures of period poverty, marginalization, and silencing, readers everywhere should join the young activists Diamant celebrates here in the movement for menstrual justice. The global struggle to overcome this fundamental barrier to gender equality, health and human rights is long overdue.”— Susannah Sirkin, Director of Policy/Senior Advisor Physicians for Human Rights

“Brilliant, tenacious, and inspiring: Period. End of Sentence. is a call to arms in the battle against discrimination, stigmas, and gender inequality many menstruators around the world face. Only together can we embrace the beauty of the menstrual cycle of life.” —Princess Sarah Culberson, Cofounder of Sierra Leone Rising

“A brilliant and needed critique of an often taboo cornerstone of patriarchy—the shame, stigma and cost of menstruation.  Menstruation, and the lack of sanitary products, is one reason many girls around the world leave school. A fairer world is recognizing this important piece in the struggle for reproductive health and justice. Menstruation is healthy, a critical element of  reproductive health, and a gateway to the power to create life. Period. End of sentence.”  —Joia S. Mukherjee, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and Chief Medical Officer, Partners in Health

“You may not know it yet, but you’ve been waiting for this book. Smart, accessible, funny, hopeful, it offers a fresh look at culture, politics, biology, and social change. And it speaks to many generations – my 14-year-old daughter nabbed my copy before I even had a chance to read it.” Judith Rosenbaum, PhD, CEO Jewish Women’s Archive

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