Ambassador Program

Spread menstrual health education and empowerment to your community

Having conversations about menstruation can be hard. No matter where or who you are, we want to help you confidently lead conversations about menstruation and empower women and all menstruators.


The Pad Project’s Ambassador Program is designed to unite a community of passionate individuals from around the world who are ready to break the stigma surrounding menstruation and turn their passion for equity into action. The Ambassador Program fosters a way for new and life-long menstrual equity advocates to come together to learn about period poverty, develop leadership skills, and form new friendships. Over the last year, ambassadors have run educational panels with our NGO partners, conducted product drives for local shelters, advocated for period-positive policies before state legislatures, hosted documentary film screenings in their communities, and created works of art to honor the menstrual equity movement.

In the inaugural year of the Ambassador Program, we had 100 ambassadors between the ages of 12 and 55 from 29 countries! Our ambassadors are students, educators, environmentalists, artists, and more. Some of them have been life-long menstrual equity advocates, and some are new to the fight, but they all share a passion for learning and a dedication to menstrual equity and justice.

If you want to join The Pad Project team and advocate for menstrual equity in your community, read on to learn how to apply to the Ambassador Program!

Application Process

The application period for the 2022-2023 Ambassador Program will open in Summer 2022! We encourage domestic and international applicants to apply, but you will need access to WiFi to participate in Zoom meetings. You must be 12 years or older to participate in the program. If you’d like updates about the program, subscribe to The Pad Project’s newsletter.

2021-2022 Program Dates: August 16th, 2021 – May 31st, 2022

2022-2023 Applications Open: TBD

Once the new ambassadors have been selected, they will be split into groups of about 15-20, each of which will be led by an advisor who has already been through the program. Groups will be divided by time zones and specific interests, such as environmentalism, public health, advocacy, arts, etc.

Each group will have a mandatory virtual orientation and training session, as well as three virtual meetings every month to discuss ongoing projects. Beyond these meetings, ambassadors will be able to meet with their advisors and fellow ambassadors as frequently as they want.

For further inquiries about the Ambassador Program, email Click here for a full list of roles and responsibilities.

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