This is L. X The Pad Project

The Pad Project has partnered with This is L. – the B. Corp certified period care brand making products free from synthetic pesticides, dyes, and fragrances more accessible to all. Both The Pad Project and L. believe access to quality period care is a fundamental right for “every body” regardless of identity, budget, or geography. We are helping L. carry out their 1:1 solidarity model where for every purchase of L., one period care product is made accessible to a person who needs it.

We have partnered with L. to establish a grant fund to support the NGOs and grassroots organizations we work with around the world. Because these organizations understand the needs of their communities, The Pad Project is in a position to help L. fulfill their mission by supporting the purchase of pad machines, the distribution of reusable pad kits, and the implementation of menstrual hygiene management workshops.

The Pad Project and L. aim to install pad machines or begin the production of reusable cloth pads in at least 6 different countries by the end of 2020. These countries include India, Kenya, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, and Uganda. In the United States we’re working together to support homeless shelters and grassroots NGOs with grants and period care products.

Together we are on a mission to increase period equity, education, and access to products and opportunities both in the United States and around the world. Specifically, our organizations are working to

  • Increase long-lasting access to period products
  • Increase period and reproductive health education
  • Increase opportunities for education and long-term employment
  • Decrease period stigma

This fund was made possible by:
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
The This is L. Solidarity Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

When you donate to The Pad Project, you’re supporting our initiatives in the U.S. by helping to provide period care products to homeless shelters, grassroots NGOs, and school districts so that everyone has the necessary supplies to manage their periods regardless of their financial circumstances. In honor of our partnership’s launch, L. is helping get the word out about this initiative so that we can reach our fundraising goal. Click the button below to donate today! 100% of the proceeds will go directly to The Pad Project to support these initiatives.

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