Many people don’t know the laws around  feminine hygiene products and taxes on items deemed as luxury goods… We didn’t either! But with knowledge comes power. Join our global movement of fed-up menstruators by knowing the laws, knowing your rights, and raising your voice to demand change in your communities.

The Pink Tax State by State

35 states still tax menstrual products as “luxury goods.” The good news? 22 states introduced legislation to repeal the tax in 2019. The bad news? 0 states passed those laws. Becoming a force for change starts with understanding the laws in your own city and state. Take a look at this interactive map, created by our friends at Tax Free Period, to see whether your state taxes products like pads and tampons as “luxury goods.” 

Interactive Map


Learn more about what are the laws in your own city and state.  You have the power to advocate for change.