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As someone who was born male but identifies as female, I cannot claim to have personal experience with periods. That said, it’s not just empathy or apathy, with no in between. Sympathy is possible without empathy. I’m done with the “yOu’Re NoT a GiRl So YoU dOn’T gEt It. YoU kNoW nOtHiNg” b.s. You can understand what something is like without experiencing it. And I’m here to say that my knowledge means something. It means I feel just as strongly about the end of period shame as everyone here. My words have power, and I intend to let it flow through all people. Period shame will cease, and ignorance will not prevail. Sorry, I’m good at speeches of empowerment and I talk too much so here we are lol. PERIOD SHAME WILL END IF I HAVE TO DIE TRYING.