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Our Partnership with Natural Cycles

By February 28, 2024March 1st, 2024No Comments

By: Jennifer Gray
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Natural Cycles + The Pad Project

At Natural Cycles, we are proud to announce we are partnering with The Pad Project, whose mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and empower women and all menstruators worldwide.

Globally, there is a lack of support and resources for girls, women, and people who menstruate to manage their periods. For this reason, thousands drop out of school each year when they reach puberty.

When high school students in North Hollywood learned students their own age were missing school because of their periods, they took action. They raised funds to purchase a pad-making machine with their NGO partner Action India and documented the process on film. In 2019, that film, Period. End of Sentence. won an Academy Award, sparked a global conversation, and launched The Pad Project. Now, The Pad Project funds menstrual health programs in 13 countries, with over 75 partners across the U.S., and unites Student Ambassadors worldwide.

At Natural Cycles, our goal has always been to empower women with the knowledge they need to take charge of their health. We’re dedicated to busting myths and dispelling stigma, whether the topic is birth control or menstruation — after all, you can’t have a natural cycle without a period.

By partnering with The Pad Project, we aim to raise awareness about period poverty and help shape a world where menstruation doesn’t equal the end of education. In the next few months, we’ll be co-hosting an event and working together to promote The Pad Project’s exceptional mission. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about what’s coming next.

New to Natural Cycles? Use the code ‘padproject’ when you sign up, and 15% of the proceeds will go directly to The Pad Project to help fund their mission.


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