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Pledge Testimonials


By October 1, 2022No Comments

Being a women, I can understand the pain of crores. Every month we bleed and we go through so much pain so that our husbands can become fathers and we can become mothers and we can have a family. Instead of helping women society shames us and looks down at us. We are seen as dirt, we are isolated, we are looked down as if we are creating a crime. We don’t get pads without perfectly wrapping it up in a newspaper because what will society say? Omg, a men is carrying a pad? My simple, one word question to you is WHY? why is it looked down if a women/men is carrying a pad? Why are women stopped from visiting their beliefs when they are menstruating? Why are women the ones who always have to breathe in suffocation? Why? Why? Why?.
The time has come to change our thoughts and to support people. As human beings we should be ashamed of ourselves for even thinking all of this.
If you can marry a women, then supporting her through tough times is your duty.
Its bloody natural, Let’s stop period shaming, and lets become human beings one again.
I pledge to stop period shaming and to stand up to anybody who goes through this bullshit.
Lets become human beings once again and lets find humanity.
Thank you
– Kruthagnya