A period should end a sentence,

not a girl’s



Menstruators around the world, especially in low income communities, often face a lack of access to menstrual products. Without proper sanitary supplies, they may resort to using newspapers, dirty rags, and even leaves to manage their periods.1 The combination of period poverty, stigmatization, and inadequate reproductive and sexual health education has major consequences for menstruators’ wellbeing. It can also prevent menstruators from staying in school, thereby ending their education.2


The Pad Project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women and all menstruators worldwide.

Around the world 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services.3


The Pad Project takes a multi-pronged approach to achieving menstrual equity by combining pad machines or washable pad programs with community partnerships and sexual and reproductive health education. We are also combating period poverty in the U.S. by providing school districts and grassroots organizations across the country with grants to purchase bulk menstrual supplies. Click here to learn more!


The entire Pad Project Team is so grateful for the support of our wonderful donors, each of whom has helped us further the fight for menstrual equity in 2023. Click here to see how our programs have continued to grow and to empower the lives of women and girls around the world.

Our Programs by the Numbers


Menstrual products provided


Operational pad-making machines in:
 India, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka


Girls and women reached with menstrual health education workshops


Washable pad and menstrual cup programs in:
Bahamas, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda


Disposable & washable pads produced


Women employed in production and sales 


Menstrual products distributed


Individuals served


Nonprofit/Individual/School/School district partnerships created


States & Washington D.C.

Ambassador Program



Products donated


Countries represented


School clubs

Hear From Our Supporters

“The menstrual hygiene products donated by The Pad Project mean that our young people have the items they need to attend school, work or job interviews and fun activities with dignity and confidence everyday. We are so grateful for this important partnership addressing a critical need for our young people as they empower themselves to rise above adversity today and in the future."

- Amanda Sattler, Chief Development and Communications Officer Covenant House California (United States)

“This project is the most impactful student service that is provided here at East Troy High School. It allows students facing period poverty to still access the products they need, leading to more self confidence, personal comfort, and school performance. I hope this project can continue for many more years so it can continue to help menstruating people who attend East Troy.”

- Student, East Troy High School (United States)

“Advancing menstrual equity is essential to achieving gender equality. When menstruators miss school or work, they are missing out on crucial opportunities that can impact their futures significantly. This causes the gender gap to grow.”

Sophene, Founder and Executive Director, Equal Period (United States)

“When schools offer free pads and tampons in the bathrooms, it signals to young adults that their needs matter and that their period is an important part of being healthy.”

- Olivia, East Troy High School (United States)

“The period project has positively affected my life— the stigma for periods and the symptoms of it has always made me super anxious talking about it. Having an open discussion about periods and having free tampons and pads has helped me with my anxiety about this all.”

- Student, East Troy High School (United States)

“This project has given opportunities for women like me to find a source of income and support our families. Working here has made me financially independent and not always dependent on my husband for money. Through our unit I am also able to learn so much about menstrual health products and especially about our biodegradable pads. I am also able to tell other women in our communities about the pads and raise awareness.”

- Zhehuli, Eco Hub (India)

“I liked everything and thanks for teaching us and giving us ideas about those pads… now I have learned and I will take care of myself. I am also going to make my pads with my mom.”

- Yeimy, 5th grader, Pencils of Promise Guatemala

“Sewing washable pads has helped me earn and financially support my children and I am assisting my husband to provide other household needs. Now, I have a voice in decision making in the home.”

- Seinya, Sierra Leone Rising

“In a country like India where menstruation is still considered a "woman's issue" and a taboo, it was especially special to see a lot of men show up wanting to learn more about menstruation and how they can help their wives/daughters/sisters better manage their period.”

- Shreya, TPP Ambassador (India)

“So often we think that periods are a “woman’s issue” the understanding is that women bleed every month because that’s their common biological function they all endure. However, The Pad Project has dismantled that notion… menstruation is so much more than a five day function, but a life-changing experience, especially for those with disabilities. This realization is helping to break stigmas and promote human progression.”

- Stella, TPP Ambassador (United States)

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